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Exploration of the Application of Green Construction Mode in Railway Passenger Stations - Taking the

Date:2022.9.27 Hit:3791

The transformation and development of the construction industry

1.1 Current Situation of Domestic Construction Industry

The traditional construction industry is a high energy consuming industry in China, consuming over 10 billion tons of various mineral resources annually in the production of building materials. The general construction energy consumption of various building materials such as cement, steel, and aluminum sheets, as well as construction energy consumption, accounts for about 26% of the total national energy consumption.

Compared to developed countries, the domestic construction industry is still relatively extensive, with low technological level, mainly relying on on-site wet operations and semi manual operations. The construction quality and progress are not only limited by the comprehensive quality of construction personnel, but also greatly affected by seasons and climate. Furthermore, it exacerbates the contradiction between construction activities and the natural environment. The traditional construction model of high energy consumption, high pollution, and low efficiency is not in line with the current requirements of new urbanization, industrialization, and information technology development, and also goes against China's commitment to achieve the goal of "carbon peak" before 2030.

1.2 The significance of green building mode

Since the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro first proposed the concept of "green buildings" in 1992, green buildings have been implemented and promoted in more and more countries to address the issues of resource consumption and environmental pollution caused by construction projects. In the process of development, experts and scholars have gradually realized that green buildings should not only be a result, but also be implemented throughout the entire construction process. Therefore, in recent years, countries have incorporated green construction into their national strategies. In 2018, the United States released the United States Reconstruction Infrastructure Legislative Outline, which focuses on the economic benefits and sustainable development of the construction process. It proposes to reduce the full life cycle cost of building products by 50% by 2025 and achieve 100% carbon neutrality in the construction process by 2030. The UK has formulated the UK Build 2025, proposing to achieve green and sustainable engineering construction processes through measures such as digital design and smart construction.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development of China issued a letter in January 2021 regarding the pilot work of green construction, requiring the pilot work of green construction to be carried out in Hunan Province, Shenzhen City in Guangdong Province, and Changzhou City in Jiangsu Province. By the end of 2023, a replicable and promotable green construction technology system, management system, implementation system, and evaluation system will be formed, laying a foundation for the promotion of green construction in other regions of the country. By adopting various green technologies, integrated design, prefabricated construction, information management and other production methods to promote the green construction model, not only will it significantly reduce the consumption of construction resources and environmental impact, but it will also promote the transformation and development of China's construction industry and achieve modernization.

New entry points for the application of green construction mode in railway passenger stations

2.1 Application Content of Green Building Mode in Railway Passenger Station Engineering

From the engineering experience abroad, the systematic application of green building models is currently mainly focused on residential buildings [4], and gradually promoted to relatively simple and modular construction projects such as offices and hotels. There are few examples of large-scale transportation engineering applications, but some of them have equally positive guiding significance for the design and construction of railway passenger stations.

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