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Application of Membrane Structure in Rail Transit

Date:2015.4.16 Hit:13802

Membrane structure building is a new type of building. It is loved by architects and structural engineers because of its light weight, changeable shape, light transmission and heat insulation. It is regarded as the favorite of "green building" in the 21st century. In the late 1960s, with the uniqueness and complexity of tension structure technology gradually gaining wide acceptance in engineering circles worldwide and being applied to various kinds of buildings, membrane materials, which have high durability, can provide natural lighting, beautiful appearance, good fire resistance and high strength for indoor space, are becoming permanent building materials. It has been applied to sports venues, exhibition facilities, municipal transportation facilities (light rail, subway, bus station) and other construction facilities, and achieved remarkable results.
◇ Membrane structure has the following advantages for traffic engineering:
The freer building shape shapes the changeable supporting structure and flexible membrane material, which makes the building shape more diversified, novel and beautiful, and reflects the beauty of the structure, with rich colors, and can create a freer building shape and a richer architectural language.
◇ Structural Lightness-Better Economic Benefit
Diaphragm has the dual effect of structural stress and building roof to isolate indoor and outdoor environment.
Tension membrane structure is only 1/8 of steel structure and 1/40 of concrete structure. This reduces the cost of walls and foundations.
Once the membrane structure is installed, there is no need to maintain if there is an accident during the service period (except the inflatable membrane), while the conventional roofing materials need to be maintained after two years. This greatly reduces the operating cost of the building.
At the same time, the unique shape and night scene effect of membrane building have obvious "building recognizability" and commercial effect, and its price-benefit ratio is higher.
Shorter on-site construction cycle
Lower energy consumption
Large Span Architectural Space

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