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Sports facilities

Traditional sports facilities design mostly uses civil structure, which not only has heavy shape, long construction period, high cost of construction and maintenance, but also restricts space and span. These problems can be effectively avoided by using cable-membrane structure. The combination of flexible membranes and steel structures shows advantages that other structural forms can not match. The extensive use of cable structure greatly reduces the weight of the structure, increases the span of the structure, and enhances the stability and tension of the whole structure system; the overall flexible and elegant shape and the theme of movement are harmonious and unified, which brings the architect's creative space into full play; the fast construction and economic cost, convenient maintenance and low cost, natural lighting performance are energy. Strong guarantees of resource saving; the extensive use of environmental protection materials meets the functional requirements of modern buildings; the expansion of building space and the safe and effective combination of building structures.Cable-membrane structure has become the preferred form of modern sports facilities and is closely related to the development of human sports culture.

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