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Commercial facilities

Various changes in the shape of cable-membrane structure light material permeability; low maintenance and durable performance; in addition, the construction time is short; wind, earthquake, mildew, acid, alkali, salt, rain and fire resistance and other properties make its use advantage more obvious than other structural forms, especially in the performance of Exhibition Center Museum indoor and outdoor theatre stage and other cultural facilities plus strong impact of shape can better show the cultural flavor.
In recent years, it has become a trend to construct various public buildings in the form of cable-membrane structure in China. Whether it is a large clubhouse, shopping mall, Hotel exhibition center, museum, indoor and outdoor theatre, stage, beach bathing ground, or a variety of urban central plaza, commercial street and recreation center, there are cable-membrane structure participation. The natural integration of traditional architecture and environment, under the premise of satisfying the architectural function, gives the building more profound significance and even becomes a regional landmark building with extremely tense shape and breakthrough imaginary use space. In the true sense, cable-membrane structure, like traditional architecture, has left an eternal classic chapter in the history of human social architecture development.

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