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Research and Development of Platform Canopy BIM Design System

Date:2022.9.26 Hit:3486

1 Research Overview

The 2016-2020 Outline for the Development of Informatization in the Construction Industry clearly states that informationization in the construction industry is an important component of the development strategy, and is also an inevitable requirement for the transformation of the development mode, improvement of quality and efficiency, energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction industry. It is of great significance for the green development of the construction industry and the improvement of people's quality of life.

Accelerating the popularization and application of BIM and upgrading survey and design technology is the main task of information technology development. The application of BIM technology can improve the technical level and information management ability of railway engineering construction, and is also the core and direction of informationization in railway engineering construction.

The construction drawing design of railway platform canopy currently adopts CAD based auxiliary design mode. Although the form of the platform canopy is simple, there are many limiting factors. The directly involved professions include architecture, structure, strong and weak electricity, and indirectly require adjustments to the station facilities, resulting in a large amount of repetitive modification work. This article first classifies and studies the parameters of the station building canopy and the logic between them. The design expression content is transformed into structured data. Based on this, a canopy design system is developed, which can quickly establish three-dimensional models and generate drawings, with the practical goal of improving design efficiency.

In addition, due to the gap between professions, there have been significant difficulties in effectively conveying user needs to developers in the field of design and tool development. This article summarizes a set of communication methods for effectively conveying the thoughts of designers to developers through the parameterized development research of platform canopies based on Grasshopper.

Analysis of the Relationship between the Parameters of the 2 Platform Canopy

2.1 Selection of Platform Canopy Types

The object of this study is the concrete canopy of the station building, which includes single column canopy, double column canopy, and roof canopy. Refer to Figures 1 and 2.

Figure 2 Double column canopy

Figure 2 Original download image of double column canopy

Figure 1 Single column canopy

Figure 1 Single column canopy download original image

The width of a single column canopy platform is within 10 meters, and the standard span of concrete structural columns is 10 meters. The diameter of a single column is generally 650 mm. The slope for concrete roofs is generally 5%, and the maximum overhang of the roof does not exceed 5 meters.

The width of the double column canopy platform is over 10 meters, and the standard span of the concrete structure column is 10 meters. The column diameter is generally 550 mm. The slope between the double columns of a concrete roof is generally 2%.

The roof canopy of Baogai is a new type of canopy structure with a high center and low sides, and rainwater gutters and pipes are installed on both sides. The columns are double row reinforced concrete columns. Due to its beauty, novelty, and other characteristics, it has gradually been applied to newly built platform canopies.

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