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Application and Practice of Membrane Structures in Tram Station Buildings

Date:2021.9.2 Hit:2036

Membrane structure station is a spatial covering structure formed by various high-strength membrane materials and reinforced components (steel frame, steel column or steel cable). Membrane structure stations first break free from disorderly platform arrangements, reduce abrupt equipment placement, integrate station functions and overall station effects, and meet passenger needs. Membrane structures are widely used in rail transit construction, but they are less commonly used in the field of trams.

Taking the membrane structure of a tram in a certain city as an example, this paper analyzes the characteristics of the membrane structure tram station, introduces its internal composition, structural system, and architectural characteristics, and analyzes the characteristics and advantages of the membrane structure station in practical application.

Basic characteristics of tram stations

The low floor vehicle system of modern trams limits the height of the station platform from the ground to generally 0.2-0.3 meters. The length of the station is determined by the number of vehicle formations, and there is a functional relationship between the station height and the vehicle clearance. The independent right of way of the tram concentrates the station in the center of the road.

The station functions are mainly divided into three parts: canopies, platforms, and facilities. Among them, the rain shelter at the tram station provides passengers with a barrier against wind and rain, isolating the interference of motor vehicles on the road; The platform provides passengers with boarding, alighting, and resting waiting functions; The facilities mainly include various electrical facilities, management facilities, and convenience facilities, such as cameras, broadcasting, ticket vending/checking machines, advertising screens, trash cans, etc., equipped with functions such as routes, traffic inquiries, and lighting, providing passengers with convenient, safe, and efficient station services.

In addition, as the core part of the tram system, the station serves as a display space for the modern spirit of the city and a platform for communication between people.

Design ideas for 2 membrane structure stations

The membrane structure station not only meets the basic characteristics of tram stations, but also organically combines modern architectural technology with architectural art, making it a city scenic line with local characteristics.

1) The beauty of power. Mies van der Rohe once said, "When clear structures are precisely designed, they are elevated to architectural art.". The tensioned membrane structure formed by fiber base course and coating is endowed with a stable system through design, making the membrane surface a curved surface with negative Gaussian curvature. The membrane surface is designed as a saddle shaped hyperbolic paraboloid, with both ends of the membrane surface warping upward to form upward growth, giving it a sense of power. The shape is simple and powerful, and the overall stability is perfect in line with the upward booming urban spirit.

2) The beauty of rhythm. Rhythm is the soul of architecture. This sentence is also applicable to station buildings. Firstly, define the various components in the station, such as columns, membrane structure canopies, etc., so that they have a certain regularity and logic, and combine some components with tram facilities to form differences in similar elements; The columns are arranged in a regular staggered manner, with both variation and unity. Finally, the tensioned membrane structure forms a free and smooth shape and a continuous rhythmic arrangement, highlighting the rhythmic beauty of the building structure and giving the station a sense of flow, representing the vitality and creativity of the city.

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