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Research and application of supplementary quota for tensioned membrane structure roof

Date:2021.9.7 Hit:6653

Tensioning membrane structure is a form of building structure that developed in the 1970s. It is composed of high-strength membrane materials, cables, and support structures. Through the combined action of the membrane material's own tensile stress, cables, and support rods, various curved and tensioned spatial shapes are formed. As a roof covering structure, it can not only withstand certain external loads but also meet the needs of large-span space. With the hosting of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a new generation of innovative buildings also emerged on the land of Beijing. Renowned venues such as the National Aquatics Center (Water Cube), National Stadium (Bird's Nest), and National Grand Theatre, which were completed before 2008 and are well-known to the Chinese public, have all adopted this spatial form without exception.

1 Basic information of the project

A certain university has built two outdoor standard swimming pools, covering a total area of about 4000 square meters. The added roof adopts a truss steel structure as the support system and a tension membrane structure as the roof covering structure. The vertical projection area of the tensioned membrane is 3930 square meters, with a maximum span of 31 meters. There are two consecutive spans arranged, and the building height is 8 meters. The membrane material parameters are: white PTFE building membrane material 1200 dtex, thickness 0.75 mm; P-type membrane material, with a tensile strength in the warp and weft directions not less than 5500/5200 (n/5 cm); The surface of the membrane material is coated with PNDF coating, with a fire resistance rating of B1; M10 self tapping screws with a spacing of 150 mm, and rubber cushion layers above and below the membrane; The steel wire rope is a self-made 1571 MPa rope, with a galvanized surface and a PE sheath.

Due to the late development of membrane structures in China, as a new type of roof covering structure, there is no similar or identical pricing basis in the construction industry. In order to facilitate the smooth implementation of project pricing, changes, claims, settlements, etc., it is necessary to conduct supplementary and quantitative research on this construction method.

2. Research content and scope

The research object of the supplementary quota for the roof of tensioned membrane structures is the factory processing and production of the membrane material part, the production and installation of the membrane cable part, and the processing and production of various connectors and semi-finished products, as well as on-site welding. The job responsibilities include the production and processing of membrane materials, installation of membrane structure accessories, membrane pulling installation, and installation of aluminum pressure plates.

3. Compilation basis and principles

3.1 Research Fundamentals

Based on the consumption quota of building decoration and renovation projects in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, research work will be carried out.

3.2 On site measurement

On site measurement work can provide basic data in supplementary quotas. According to the requirements of the quota sub items, by analyzing the construction plan and process flow, divide the processes, measure them separately, and record them in a list. By recording the actual consumption of labor, materials, and machines for each quota sub item on site, collecting environmental data and on-site construction technical plans, taking photos of on-site processes, investigating the technical level of on-site labor, and recording the types and models of processing machinery and other first-line original basic information.

The material consumption measurement method used in this supplementary quota is the on-site measurement method, while the manual and mechanical consumption measurement method is the timing observation method.

3.3 Compilation basis

(1) The method for preparing preliminary budgets for construction projects and supporting quotas, as well as the "Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Construction" issued by the Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region


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