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The Importance and Strategy Research of Sports Engineering in the Construction of Sports Discipline

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1. Preface

Since the 1980s, China has added research in the field of sports engineering to some projects. Due to the limitations of the times, sports engineering at that time was more focused on the Olympic goals rather than the development of its industrialization prospects. As early as 1966, the Sports Engineering Association was established internationally, defining sports engineering as a value oriented research field driven by technology, which will involve sports equipment, sports facilities, sports management, and more The industrialization of sports economy, sports biopharmaceuticals, and other industries will greatly drive social, economic, and cultural development. To this day, China has also entered the stage of sports industrialization, and its importance has gradually become apparent. However, the contradiction between the shortage of talents in related fields and the huge demand has not been resolved. This is caused by the imperfect planning and training system of sports education. Therefore, it is particularly important to reorganize the research status and gaps in this field at home and abroad, and adjust education policies and strategies.

2. Classification and Development of Sports Engineering in the Field of Physical Education at Home and Abroad

2.1 The Importance of Foreign Sports Engineering in Physical Education

Through literature review and expert interviews, it was found that in the vast majority of countries in the United States and Europe, sports engineering is divided into the following five categories: (1) high-tech materials; (2) Simulation and simulation; (3) Biopharmaceuticals; (4) Information technology and data analysis; (5) Artificial intelligence. The knowledge between each category has potential connections and specific application directions. In the field of high-tech materials, existing sports equipment and equipment are mainly updated and replaced to improve athlete competition results through external forces. For example, in the breakthrough research of swimming events achieved through "shark skin", simulation techniques such as CFD computational fluid dynamics were used to analyze the mechanics between shark skin and water and reduce friction, In addition, with the improvement of sports level, biopharmaceutical technology has gradually improved human functions, which involves the research and development of doping detection technology and reasonable dietary supplements for athletes. More and more technology companies are using artificial intelligence technology to analyze competitions, human bodies, and other aspects. In summary, the development of sports engineering in foreign countries involves various aspects and is fully carried out, promoting and promoting industrial linkage and strengthening the influence of sports activities.

2.2 Current Situation and Bottlenecks of Domestic Sports Engineering Development

The field of sports engineering in our country started relatively late, but it has still been more than 40 years. Throughout its development process, it has been based on improving sports performance since its establishment, ignoring the inherent effects of sports economy and sports engineering. In recent years, with the improvement of the level of scientific and technological personnel and the development of social economy in our country, a group of powerful technological giants have gradually joined the sports field, and only then have they begun to promote the rapid development of this field. But based on the collected data, we can find that in every hundred sports engineering related papers, 36% are concentrated in wind tunnel experiments, which solve the friction problem between equipment and air resistance. 14% use CFD simulation to complete the experiment, 31% are sports software development, 14% are sports material development and application, and the remaining 5% are medicine, data analysis, etc.

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